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The most common recent names are gloria, kelly, scott, andrea, carol, andrew

The love test between two names is analysed as following:

match made in heaven, have secret crush on eachother, secretly love eachother, boyfriend/girlfriend, partners, hate eachother, booty calls, friends with benefits, enemies, going to get married, admire eachother, lovers, friends only

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This is Love

How does the new love calculator test work?

It is very simple. The names of both individuals are analysed and some love test procedures are performed resulting in the probability and likelyhoodness of the relationship.

Visitor input about love and life

I read an article somewhere, and on average, a woman feels old at the age of 25...they feel past their best...however it takes (on average) a man until 50 before he feels passed his best. Hence why a lot of women start to worry about marriage and children in their late 20s and men stay relaxed into their 30s and even 40s.

I have never tried it, but my best friend has actually met a lot of really hot girls from match.com, in fact I was hanging out with him and one of these girls last night, I also met some of her friends and they were all very cool. We live in a fairly big city, but the odd thing is that all of the girls he has met from that site have been from out of town though, he hasn't actually had luck from any of the girls on match who are in our city, but the most recent one he met just so happened to move here from Alabama for a job.

You do have to be careful though, one of the girls he dated from there turned out to be crazy, she wanted to get married, and have kids after dating him for three months! She was one of the best looking girls I have ever seen though, and she had a good job and house etc, but still!

I am married and old fashioned (42), but I have a couple of younger friends that do. They meet a new date almost weekly. Google their number on Phone Number Database before you meet them. I know they check out the sights at work looking for dates, couldn't do that 10 years ago. Had to wait until after work, weekends. It saves a lot of time as you only pair up with someone you have similar interests and attraction. If I were single I would do it in a heart beat in addition to the "supermarket" and what not. I would also start taking interest in Bed Bath & Beyone, and any stores with soaps etc. ESPECIALLY on Sundays when all other guys watch football, girls are waiting for Mr. Right. Wont meet too many chicks at Home Depot that I would take home.

BTW, I have met many Asian women and they all love bald white men for some reason

i belive that if your smiling and feeling calm and you reflact that to the areah with self confidence, chicks will see you a lot more attractive, and they will have confidence talking with you. but yea genetics are most of the thing, you can fix allmost everything with the power of mind.


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